No cost. No obligation. One of our experts will analyze your site, budget, and energy needs, and develop a precise analysis of how best to design your solar system. You’ll get a quote, incentive information, and discover how soon your system will pay for itself.

Solar is easy with
Mid-State Solar.


Power your home or business with clean, silent, renewable technology.
Enjoy independence from rising utility rates.


Extend your swimming season with efficient solar heating.
Swim longer. Swim comfortably.

Tax incentives are available for solar electric (PV) systems and can reduce your system costs significantly.

Mid-State Solar is the Trusted Source for Solar Energy . . .

Mid-State Solar was established in 1977 and has specialized in solar energy since its founding. Under the same family ownership, we’ve provided innovative solutions for solar thermal and solar electric (PV) applications to thousands of satisfied customers for over 45 years. Styles and products may have changed through the decades, but one thing remains the same: our dedication to those we serve.

Whether large or small - residential, ag, or commercial - we strive for excellence on every job and work closely with you to create a solar energy system uniquely designed for your setting and goals.


Lowering your monthly utility bill – reducing your footprint. With solar electricity you can achieve both. Solar electricity (PV) provides clean, efficient, renewable energy independence while protecting you from rising electricity costs. And a 30% federal tax credit makes it more affordable than ever to start generating your own electricity using the sun’s free energy.

Pool Heating

Your pool is a place for fun, exercise and relaxation – when the water’s warm enough. You can enjoy your pool for months longer each year with reliable, efficient heat using the world’s most abundant fuel source – the sun’s free energy.

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